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Welcome to the Intentionally Blog

Five years ago, I began to ask myself a series of deep questions that would gradually transform my life:

  • How can I live my most authentic life possible?

  • What are my most important intentions?

  • According to what principles do I wish to live my life?

  • How am I spending the most precious resource that I have – my time? If I could change anything, how would I be spending my time differently?

  • Who do I want to be in ten years?

  • What is stopping me from starting now?

Following these esoteric thoughts, I switched professions, learned new skills and risked starting over completely to maximize my potential for one thing:

Helping real people improve their lives in real ways.

It is my mission to help as many people have the life-changing breakthrough that I had. This is the single purpose of Intentionally.

Great things are coming in 2022. Stay tuned...

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